Rogue Page elements coming from reused content in a CMS Collection - Webflow

Sean Gowing
Sean Gowing
April 26, 2022
Rogue Page elements coming from reused content in a CMS Collection - Webflow

Today I wanted to share with you a bug I discovered while re-using an old component from the same webflow project.  

I took a previously created schedule and reused it in another page.  I then used a CMS to inject the speakers for the different sections into the line up.  I built it this way because each city had unique speakers for each section.

The Problem

 After the page was created, I went through a last round of edits.  When my marketing counterpart went to post the article, It kept coming back with the wrong title and no card image was being presented.  

This was definitely not the Title and description of this page.  That lead me down a rabbit hole of manually setting the og:title, as well as the twitter card tittle.

But then I wanted to see where this content was coming from so I inspected the page and searched EventMB.  Nothing was found.  This had me stumped this had to be coming from somewhere.  

The Ghost in the Machine

I knew it was there so I opened the page source and searched it, and sure enough it was present on the page.  But what the hell, I went line by line through the Webflow editor looking for that title and it was nowhere to be found.  This had me head scratching for awhile.  I started looking to where the injection of random code was coming in at.  This event I was looking at had less speakers then the other events so there was a couple of cells that were not in use on the page but they were sitting there.  It took me awhile, but I finally decided to just make each cell only visible if the cell had a speaker image set.  

Viola, this fixed the rogue H1 problem.

In closing, be careful resuing old content such as this into a CMS collection.  I gave this bug report over to our Webflow Rep so that he could pass it along to the engineering team to get it resolved.  Webflow is a great product, but everything has its bugs.  Just need to help them improve the platform by doing our part.

Happy WebDeving.

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Sean Gowing
CEO of SocialCatnip
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